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As a community, we want to join forces to ensure that children who may not believe in hopes and dreams have at least been given the opportunity to believe in themselves.

Flyin' Bob did a 1 week residency at our school right before Christmas and taught all of our 400 students a variety of circus skills.
It was amazing how Bob was able to teach every kid fairly complicated skills in a short amount of time.
Our kids were excited and engaged for the entire week and have carried on with some of these skills into their music classroom performance pieces.
It was an amazing experience for all the students and staff at our school!

Jodi Moulton
Music Teacher
CP Blakely School
Sylvan Lake, AB 2018

I can tell you with 100% certainty that this was one of the best programs/person I have seen all my years as a teacher and principal.
The staff were very impressed by Bob's enthusiasm and ability to work with all the students. He was professional, encouraging and fun for the kids!
We will be seriously considering booking again for next year!!

Jonathan Sclater
Miller Park Community School
Coquitlam, BC 2017

I would like to thank you again for the day with our students.
They are still gushing over it and it is wonderful that so many enjoyed it and had fun.
You have been requested for next year!
I have also passed your information on to a few other schools who were interested.

Suzanne Beckett
Wellness Day Coordinator
Edwin Parr Composite School Athabasca, AB 2017

The conference was a huge success!
The youth absolutely loved you and your cohorts!!!
Thank you for being so flexible and allowing us to create what would work for our timeline.
I will definitely share the feedback once we compile the evaluations.
Thank you again, you gave us a wonderful conference.
I have already heard from parents telling me how happy and excited the kids were once they got home!!

Shelly Chubb
Coordinator, Youth Connect Conference
Sturgeon County FCSS, AB 2016

The drama students LOVED the workshops and were engaged all day.
They learned excellent clowning skills to take into their drama classes.
There was also excellent feedback from the student population on your show.
It was definitely the best workshop/entertainment that I have booked for the students and we will definitely be looking to book again in the future.
Thanks for all your hard work and a wonderful experience.

Kyrsten Devonshire
Drama Instructor
St. Bonaventure Jr High School
Calgary, Oct 2013

This is the most engaging project we've ever had at the school.
They are learning to be physically active and they want to do it. I've seen self-esteem and confidence grow in kids, just leaps and bounds over anything else we've tried.

Michael Bradford
Vice Principal
Saskatoon Howard Coad School 2011

Amazing job with the camp and show ...thrilling and funny ...captivated the audience ...I love how you engage the audience in participating with your performance.
I would recommend other communities to host a circus camp because our youth really enjoyed it and it was fun to participate as an adult as well.

Marsha Janvier
LaLoche Friendship Centre 2010


I can hardly believe and I am still getting so many compliments on what a fantastic show and camp it was.
So thank you so much for sharing your talents with us and providing such an amazing opportunity for these kids.
One mom shared that, that weekend they went to Grande Prairie and bought her daughter a set of flower sticks and now she is going to teach other kids how to juggle with them at the the summer drama camp. She also said that the impact that the camp had on her daughter has been amazing, she just kept on thanking me for bring you and your team to our kids.
So thank you again.

Leanne Johnstone
Fairview Circus Camp 2008

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His tight-wire workshops are an exemplary model of how to teach, challenge and inspire young people.
Bob's success rate at reaching these kids, raising their self-esteem and encouraging them to succeed is nothing short of phenomenal.

Neal Rempel
Executive Producer
Winnipeg Int. Children's Festival

Winnipeg Circus and Magic Partnership (C.A.M.P.)

I can't thank you enough for the enjoyable experience my son Josh had at the circus camp this past weekend.
He was like a new person, it gave him so much confidence to do something unique to him and not something his brothers have already accomplished before him.

Nadine Ballantyne

Red Deer Circus Camp 2008

The change in these kids from shy, quiet, nervous, knowing no-one, scared to try on Wednesday... to Friday's performance with raw determination, confidence, grinning ear to ear, cheering their new friends on... WOW!!
It was a pleasure to work with such amazing professionals... the patience and caring throughout the teaching, to challenge kids to do their best... I can't say enough.

Linda Healing
Social Planning, City of Red Deer

Red Deer Community Circus Camp 2004

26 children were afforded an incredible opportunity to hone skills they would otherwise never be exposed to.
Who knows what path this FUNtastic and unique experience will take them down... yet another wonderfully unique opportunity that will open new doorways, and help these kids hone their skills as connected, compassionate human beings!

Karen Baxter (Rootin' Tootin' Newton)
Founder Kids as Clowns

Sherwood Park Flyin' Circus Camp 2004

Community Circus Camp
Circus Residency for Schools

A video of the 2014 Spring Break Circus Arts Camp
in Saskatoon, sponsored by
Saskatoon Public Schools and Canadian Tire JumpStart.
This annual camp is 5 days long,
involves 100 campers, and 7 instructors.
This video, shot and edited by
the Amazing Jody Polowick,
features interviews with Camp Director Flyin’ Bob, instructors, campers, and volunteers.
It follows the progress of the campers
from day one to Show Time! on day 5.

Chestermere Circus Camp 2014 Parent feedback

"​I just wanted to say thank you for making this camp happen! My kids had the best time EVER at this camp.
They formed new friendships, amazed themselves and
us with their new-found talents and the skills that they learned, and their self-esteem sky-rocketed!
I loved it -- it was the best money I have ever spent on them! I'm so glad to hear that you have booked Flyin' Bob again for next year.
Can we sign up now!!!? They are both planning on
purchasing some of their own equipment! "

Chestermere Circus Camp Photos (Facebook pages)

Red Deer Community Circus Camp received
ARPA 2007 Excellence in Youth Development Award!

The Community Circus Camp Concept is based on an initiative begun in Winnipeg ten years ago to create a program for youth and youth at risk, ages 9 to 14, to acquire self esteem building skills through unique physical activity. These skills develop into performance, and can lead to job and career opportunities.

Unicycle, wire walking, juggling, stilts, rola bola, balance and performance are the core activities. Qualified professional performer/instructors from around Canada teach the skills. An opening show is performed by the instructors and a closing show is performed by the campers for family and friends.

The kids have a great time, learn skills that less than 1% of the population have, and come to realize that they have the ability to excel in an area that they never would have considered. The self esteem and confidence building benefits are enormous and automatic.

Flyin' Bob has run many of these camps across Canada.
He is hired as producer and director of the camp and provides all camp equipment, PA system, music, certificates, waiver and registration forms, hires instructors, and is available for interviews and publicity.
The Community provides the venue, campers, volunteers, and promotes the camp in your area.

The hope is to build a sustainable program which becomes a part of your community rather than a one time experience.

Your Community Circus Camp is a day camp and can be run as a Parks and Rec, Social Services, Arts and Culture, Education or Friendship Centre program. The Circus Camp concept easily fits within the mandate of any of these municipal departments. Costs can be reduced considerably by using existing community infrastructure. (eg, School Gym, Rec Centre, existing volunteers, fire and police department sponsorship, municipal printing services, etc)

Your Community Circus Camp can be a free service, supported through grants and sponsorship, or a fee based one. In Red Deer in 2004, a combination of the two was very successful. 25 participants were sponsored through Social Services and 25 paying registrants were found through advertising.

2 to 5 day Community Circus Camps can be designed for 25 to 200 participants. Extended programs will also include swinging trapeze, magic, acrobatics, and clowning.

Please contact Flyin' Bob and together a model can be developed for your community.

Photos of the 2012 Circus Arts in Schools program

  Having trouble to watch this video? Click HERE.

 Having trouble to watch this video? Click HERE.

Having trouble to watch this video? Click HERE.

The Sault Star - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 2011