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Such an entertaining show yesterday. The buzz from teachers and students this morning was electiric.
I laughed for the whole show as did everyone which is necessary more so today than ever!
This morning at my Drop in Basketball we were balancing noodles and pylons on our heads!
I will dedicate more gym time to balancing and juggling now that you have inspired us!

Randy Kish - Phys Ed Teacher
Olds Elementary School
Olds AB, January  2019

This was my first time seeing Flyin' Bob and he was fantastic!
The students and staff loved it, were so engaged and his messages about courage, perseverance and finding your passion were totally on point.
We would love to have him back!

Braunwyn Thompson - Principal
Lord Byng Elementary School
Richmond BC, April  2018

The Flyin' Bob performance was excellent!!
We brought our K and grade 1 students to the gym first and Bob started his show keeping them entertained as more classes came down. When the show officially started it was engaging from the get go. Bob's skills are amazing and his humour throughout the show made it even more enjoyable. Many staff mentioned that it set a tone for the day by starting with him and his energetic/positive show.
I sent emails later that day to some colleagues recommending they bring him in for a show.
One of the best shows I have seen in a school.

David Cooper - Principal
Seaview Elementary School
Lantzville BC, April 2018

Flyin' Bob had an amazing performance at our school. He was engaging and was interactive with our staff and students throughout the performance. It was an experience that our community has not had before. The combination of humour and circus acts were truly amazing to be a part of.
I would highly recommend Flyin' Bob for performances at our schools.

Alan Joo - Principal
Nicomekl Elementary School
Surrey BC, April 2018

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Just wanted to thank you again for another excellent show!
As I walked around this afternoon visiting students and parents during our sports day, the constant and consistent comment was "Flyin' Bob was fantastic!"
They enjoyed the humor, the connection to students, and the message of pursuing something you love.
This is the third time I have asked you to be involved in my school event, and this may have been the most enjoyable and successful yet from a community point of view.

Michael Hebenton - Principal
Riverbend School
Calgary AB, June 2017

It was a real pleasure to have Flyin' Bob perform at our school. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the performance and appreciated the skill, talent and effort that went into the production.
The show was not only entertaining, but also interactive and engaging and came with a message of passion and perseverance. I would definitely recommend Flyin' Bob to perform at other schools.

Darryl Unger - Principal
Tomsett Elementary School
Richmond BC, May 2017

Flyin' Bob is an absolute blast! The students were engaged for the entire
show. He knows how to wow an audience and put on an amazing show.
He also talked about his set up with some of our students.

Bevan Bartley
Penbrooke Meadows School
Calgary AB, Dec 2015

We absolutely LOVED Flyin' Bob's performance at Hillcrest!
I had nothing but wonderful comments from both staff and students.
Everyone from K - 7 was focused on what Bob was doing the entire time.
He was well prepared and had a really great handle on audience management.
He knew when to move things along and when to speed things up. He was patient with the student participants and very encouraging.
Everybody left feeling really good about themselves.
I would highly recommend him to other schools and groups.
I have every intention of inviting him back in a few more years so we can enjoy his performance again!

Nancy Porter
Hillcrest Elementary
Surrey BC, 2014

Our school loved the Flyin' Bob performance yesterday!
From K to 7 our students were engaged. Unique and amazing stunts and laughter filled our gym throughout. I liked his interaction with the kids as we loaded the gym, keeping the kids who sat down first entertained as everyone else came in.
Bob's interaction with the students during his performance was fantastic - he had great rapport with the audience and the individual students who volunteered during the show. Also, he clearly knows what works and what doesn't when managing the excitement that inevitably comes with his performance - as a teacher I really appreciate that skill. I would absolutely recommend this performance to other schools.

Sharon Connelly
Green Timbers Elementary
Surrey BC, October 2014

The show was fantastic,everyone loved it, kids and adults.
He was able to relate to the kids really well and had people in tears laughing.
One of the best performances our school has had in a long time.

Robyn Yorke, - Principal
Wye School
Sherwood Park AB, 2014

The performance was wonderful and had a good message interspersed throughout.
The entire student body was engaged.
One teacher said: "Not one student asked to go to the bathroom!"

Eaton School K-12
Eaton SK, Dec 2012

The performance by Flyin' Bob was absolutely wonderful.
It was very well received by all of the students and the staff. The whole performance from start to finish was excellent.
I really appreciated the way that Bob spoke to the children and had them engaged. It was great to hear/see such laughter during the performance not only from the students but from the
families and staff as well.
The children he chose for all three "events" were children who benefited immensely from being a part of his performance.
The young man he chose to help him with juggling was still on cloud nine today. His grandmother was barely able to get in a word edgewise when she
came to pick him up in the afternoon he was so excited about his part in the morning performance.

Brenda Stevenson - Principal
Alexander Elementary School
Duncan BC, 2012

From the moment the children walked into the gym, Bob had them engaged. He was able to bring them up and then settle them back down.

Jodi van der Meer - Principal
Armstrong Elementary School
Armstrong BC, 2012

...much more than a juggler, or even a unicycle rider/juggler, or even a high-wire walking/unicycle riding/
garden chair stacking/
Flyin' Bob is the real entertainment deal, a full-on three-ring circus in the form of one man...
a colourful, kinetic, comedic, self-disciplined whirlwind.

Barry Coulter - Editor
Daily Townsman
Cranbrook,BC May 2012

School Show

From the balance of a peacock feather on his nose, to the rainbow skywriter, to the spectacular and nearly disastrous high-wire walk, Flyin' Bob takes your students on a one hour search for balance.

Through juggling, clowning, unicycling, acrobatics, wire walking, audience participation, comedy, and character, BE THE CIRCUS stresses the importance of physical activity, concentration, peer support, community, and the value of failure as well as success.

Students learn the rewards and consequences of taking risks and taking responsibility for their own actions.

BE THE CIRCUS has mesmerized elementary, junior, and senior school students across the country.
When was the last time a show in your school made a kindergartener (is that a word?) and a too-cool senior laugh at the same time?
Flyin' Bob fully connects with his audience (probably since he never really grew up himself).

BE THE CIRCUS recharges your students and imbues them with the energy of future possibilities.(translation: the show makes them totally hyper and then Flyin' Bob sends them back to class...)

A 5-minute question and answer session follows the performance.
The show sets up easily in your school gymnasium.


Julie McGowan
retired teacher (Prince George, BC) - Feb 2013

Each time we would have guest performers I kept my fingers crossed that the children would have good audience reactions appropriate to the show, that the entertainers would keep the show moving, that all would be smooth, but also would meet the almost impossible demands of over 170 children ages 5 to 13!

You did it at Van Bien Elementary School.

Your dialogue was clear, a good volume, concise, and met their abilities to be focussed and to comprehend.
You show great empathy and respect for the volunteers.
They finish with dignity, not embarrassment.
You in fact boost their confidence and self worth, both inner and related to peers.

I was impressed. My grandchildren giggled, gasped, squealed, held their breaths, anticipated, were charmed, and had respect for your talents.
All hail your age and fitness, your personality, your drive to learn, your ability to choose and put together a successful show, your flexibility, and your dedication to children.


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