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What a show we just had!
That was definitely a favourite according to everyone's comments at the end of the show! We will highly recommend Bob as a performer to any community. This show was simply amazing and extremely well executed.
Bob is a true talented artist.

Suzanne Langlois
Sunday Smiles Concert Series 2011
Kenora, Ontario

We loved the show, thank you very much. It was interesting to see the huge age range of the audience.
There were 4 very senior citizens sitting across from me who sat with a smile on their face for the whole performance. Thanks again.

Barbara Howatt
General Manager
Victoria Kaleidoscope Theatre, BC

Great show... wonderful feedback from people of all ages.

Margo Gram
Cultural Services Coordinator
Centennial Theatre

The audience was enlightened as to the range and possibilities that physical theatre is capable of...

Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture

Canadian Bob Palmer's irreverent humor, goofy outrageous stunts and juggling skills make him a hit with a wide variety of ages...

Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Captured the hearts of the spectators

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Haifa, Israel


Tech Rider



Stage: general wash, with back lighting.
House: lights at 50% throughout the performance.
House lights to go up to 75% when performer is in the audience.
Theater to go to black on cue.
Two lighting cues.
Performer will supply black light.

School Gym
Existing lighting.


Performer will supply:
Samson Airliner wireless vocal headset and receiver
CD. Music cues for CD
Handheld mike and cord
PA System if requested

Stage Space

Performance area: 25' x 15' minimum
Vertical height required: 18' minimum


AC power near stage.
Power for headset receiver. Receiver to be placed near stage.

Dressing Room

A place to change and do warm up for one person.

Tightwire Set Up

Theatre Stage
Anchoring points for tightwire: one on either side of stage 30 ft from stage center.
Anchoring points can be off stage.
Support cables can tie off to objects off stage,
e.g. pin rail, railings, forklift, support beams, columns, door frames, etc.
Performer will also provide metal plates for attachment points that can be secured to the floor using 11/4 inch lag bolts.

School Gym Floor
Performer will provide tightwire anchors that fit into volleyball pole holes in the gym floor.


Tightwire and/or 6 foot unicycle
Juggling and balance props
One prop case
Black light

Set up time

Initial set up: 2 to 3 hours
Before each show: 5 to 10 minutes

Strike time

Strike from stage: 10 minutes
Pack the show: 1 and a half hours

Crew required